Bret Settle Appointed ThreatX Chief Product Officer

PUBLISHED ON May 22, 2023
LAST UPDATED May 22, 2023

I’m pleased to announce that ThreatX co-founder Bret Settle has a new role as Chief Product Officer. In this role, Bret will lead our product management, engineering, and protection-as-a-service teams. 

Bret brings a strong background in product leadership to this role; before founding ThreatX with Andrius Useckas, he was CTO, VP Enterprise Architecture at BMC Software and VP, Architecture & Systems Planning at Corporate Express. 

Bringing together our product, engineering, and protection-as-a-service teams under one leader will create greater alignment among the ThreatX teams that are: 

  • Establishing our product road map 
  • Executing on that map 
  • Helping our customers successfully protect their APIs and applications with our products   

With this alignment, we will bring new capabilities to market faster and better support our customers. I’m excited about the promise and possibilities of this founder-led strategy and can’t wait to see what this team delivers. 

See Bret Settle’s recent live webcast where he walks through our new Runtime API and Application Protection (RAAP) capabilities.

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