Struggling to Discover All Your API Endpoints?

ThreatX offers an API discovery tool that not only gives you a full inventory of your endpoints, but also automatically protects them from threats.

  • Get active and passive API endpoint detection
  • Discover which APIs transmit sensitive data
  • See which APIs are experiencing malicious activity

“It’s been easy to work with the Protection-as-a-Service team. I feel, and the team feels, like they’re an extension of our information security team.”

Information security analyst at financial services organization

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Discover all your API endpoints and automatically block malicious threats.

How We Help

Simple and Fast API Discovery

Simple discovery and attack surface visualization so you don’t need to interpret and navigate complex dashboards

Who is targeting us, and what are we doing to stop them? ThreatX is built to help teams answer these questions quickly and easily.   

Most organizations getting started with API security programs are simply looking to visualize their API attack surface and protect the APIs that are powering their brands, and they’re looking to do it fast. With ThreatX, you’ll get instant visibility and protection in minutes. Furthermore, ThreatX conducts continuous API discovery for every API endpoint – anywhere, any status – with no extra work from you.

Custom API Schema Management

Enhance security, integrations, and collaboration for distributed teams

For many organizations, particularly those with distributed DevOps teams, API schemas provide a central way of defining how APIs should work. Without a schema, it’s difficult for security teams to understand whether any API call is legitimate or malicious, creating a significant security risk for organizations. 

To address this challenge, ThreatX centrally manages OpenAPI 3.0 schemas for the API endpoints it discovers and protects. This capability enables organizations to compare API traffic to specifications, determine whether compliance gaps exist, and work to mitigate them.

Control Sensitive Data Exposure

Detect and visualize the APIs most at risk due to the sensitive data they contain

The risk of sensitive data loss is significant and can have serious consequences, such as identity theft, financial losses, damage to a brand’s reputation, and legal and regulatory fines. ThreatX enables security teams to detect and visualize API transactions that contain sensitive user information and authentication data — helping them boost the protection of high-risk APIs, prevent data breaches, and comply with privacy regulations. 

This capability helps organizations adhere to privacy regulations like PCI DSS and GDPR by identifying and monitoring API traffic containing personal information, payment card data, and authentication information that would expose the risk of unauthorized access to systems.

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Key Benefits

Secure APIs and applications with confidence, not complexity

Block attacks in real time with API and application protection you can trust 24/7 (without having to manage it yourself).
Block botnets and advanced attacks in real time

The ThreatX platform is always monitoring, assessing, and blocking attacks – automatically. It learns what threats to your system look like and stops them based on their risk level, so you can keep sites available and business humming.

Get your nights and weekends back

Stopping zero-day threats requires more than just software. You need real live people – but it doesn’t have to be you. Our expert team takes it on for you, so you don’t have to manage signatures or worry about false positives.

Ward off attacks with zero hand-holding

Onboard sites in under 15 minutes, not weeks. Block threats in an instant. And use simple dashboards that make it easy to see what’s going on.