A Bot Management Solution That Won’t Feel Like Playing Whack-a-Mole

We help busy teams detect and block bot-based attacks as well as other forms of malicious traffic automation

Accurately identify legitimate traffic vs. bot traffic, then automatically block only the bad bots so you don’t have to lift a finger.

  • Set-it-and-forget-it bot management
  • Protect APIs & web apps against DDoS, botnets, and more
  • On-board sites in minutes
  • Fully managed, with 24/7 support

“We had a site that was being targeted by a bot, attempting to log in with rotating usernames and passwords. However, this threat actor was crafting a properly formed interaction with the API. So, there was nothing malicious. It was using proper user agents and properly formed headers — nothing about it was out of the ordinary. ThreatX’s ability to recognize anomalies that indicate suspicious behavior is game-changing.”

Director of Security Architecture and Engineering at a global marketing company

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Confidently prevent bot attacks against APIs and web apps without burdening your team or hindering legitimate user traffic.

How We Help

Risk-Based Blocking

Get high-confidence blocking without the worry of false positives

Using multiple detection methods, including IP fingerprinting, interrogation, and tarpitting, ThreatX detects bots with high confidence. By creating attacker profiles for every threat, ThreatX tracks attack strategies over time as attackers move through the attack kill chain. For example, if an attacker were using a bot to perform reconnaissance, and then came back a month later to attack, ThreatX will have the history to make a confident blocking decision.

Real-Time Native Blocking

Detect and block bad bots in one platform, no transferring data between systems

ThreatX blocks malicious bots automatically, rather than giving you information to analyze then transfer to another solution for blocking. And we only block when the behavior reaches a certain risk threshold, so confidence is high and false positives are low. In addition, our risk scores evolve over time, continuously updating based on the latest observations, automating blocking as the risk score rises or falls. 

Advanced Bots and Persistent Threats

Defend against even the most sophisticated botnet attacks without having to worry about every other tactic

Attackers are evolving their bot tactics to evade defense systems. For instance, many attackers today will use botnets that rotate IPs, making it nearly impossible for many security solutions to distinguish good traffic from bad. ThreatX detects and blocks a wide range of advanced bot attacks including large-scale volumetric botnets, low and slow bot reconnaissance, and other forms of malicious traffic automation. Using entity fingerprinting, ThreatX tracks threat actors over time, even when they cycle IPs or user agents, ensuring they stay blocked.

Beyond that, persistent attackers aren’t limited to bot-based toolsets. You’ll want to protect your APIs and web applications against all variety of web-based threats and with ThreatX you’ll get in-depth threat protection without the need to manage multiple solutions.

Key Capabilities

Entity and Behavior Analytics

ThreatX goes far beyond signatures and anomaly detection to identify and track malicious entities even as traits such as IP addresses and user agents change. This lets us track and compile a complete picture of an entity’s risk so that enforcement is both highly accurate and laser-focused on the threats that matter the most.
Entity Fingerprinting

ThreatX combines a wide variety of proprietary techniques to reliably identify attacking entities even as they change IP addresses or user agents. This includes but is not limited to TLS fingerprinting and analytical profiling of entity traits and behaviors.

Entity Tracking and Risk Attribution

ThreatX then continuously monitors all entity behaviors and correlates all behaviors over time into a unified risk score. This allows security teams to see coordinated attacks and to identify and stop “low and slow” attacks that would normally fly under the radar.

Entity Actions and Response

ThreatX can actively engage entities to collect additional insights or take a variety of protective responses. This can include putting the entity on a watch list, active interrogation, tarpitting, blocking, any allowlisting or blocklisting.

Application Profiling

ThreatX automatically learns normal application behaviors and traits to establish baselines for the application. This can allow staff to identify any anomalous behavior that could be an early sign of attack.