Want to Automatically Stop Attacks Without False Positives?

Continuously monitor threats to your APIs and applications over time, learn what threats are present, what they’re targeting, and block the riskiest

ThreatX helps busy security teams instantly prevent attacks and reduce disruptions to legitimate users with automated, risk-based blocking that won’t require management cycles from your team.

  • Set it and forget it threat detection and response
  • Identify and track suspicious behavior over time
  • Fully managed, with 24/7 support
  • On-board APIs and sites in minutes, not days

“We had a site that was being target by a bot, attempting to log in with rotating usernames and passwords. However, this threat actor was crafting a properly formed interaction with the API. So, there was nothing malicious. It was using proper user agents and properly formed headers – nothing about it was out of the ordinary. ThreatX’s ability to recognize anomalies that indicate suspicious behavior is game-changing.”

Director of Information Security, Large Marketing Company

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Instantly block risky threats with confidence – without false positives, without endless rule management, and without your team lifting a finger.

How We Help

Behavioral Analysis and Monitoring

Stay ahead of cyber threats for good so you can ditch the game of cat and mouse

Attackers are always switching up their methods and tactics. With solutions that are signature-based or reliant on static rulesets, this quickly devolves into a never-ending game of cat and mouse. Your team ends up wasting valuable cycles on menial tasks that aren’t making you safer.

ThreatX is always monitoring, assessing, and correlating attacker behavior to quickly and accurately identify threats. Continuously tracking attackers over time, ThreatX provides a complete view of the evolving threats targeting your APIs and applications.

Real-Time Native Blocking

Instant native blocking capabilities so you don’t need to manage multiple solutions or maintain integrations

These days, everyone is looking to do more with less. Purpose built to provide the most in-depth threat protection with the least possible overhead, ThreatX will take you from zero to blocking mode in no time at all.

Protect yourself against any mix of threats – from standard injection attacks to massive botnets and DDoS. Furthermore, protect any mix of APIs and applications from all these threats and more with our single platform.


Fully managed, hands-off threat protection so you can stop threats without lifting a finger

ThreatX is available as a fully managed service, to any customer. Our team of experts are available 24/7 to support any issues you face or answer questions you have. In addition to consultation, our managed services team helps our customers by: 

  • Actively monitoring for threats in real-time 
  • Alerting you to suspicious or malicious-looking anomalies 
  • Proactively responding to zero-day threats 
  • Quickly deploying and configuring ThreatX protection 

Key Benefits

Secure APIs and applications with confidence, not complexity

Block attacks in real time with API and application protection you can trust 24/7 (without having to manage it yourself).
Block botnets and advanced attacks in real time

The ThreatX platform is always monitoring, assessing, and blocking attacks – automatically. It learns what threats to your system look like and stops them based on their risk level, so you can keep sites available and business humming.

Get your nights and weekends back

Stopping zero-day threats requires more than just software. You need real live people – but it doesn’t have to be you. Our expert team takes it on for you, so you don’t have to manage signatures or worry about false positives.

Ward off attacks with zero hand-holding

Onboard sites in under 15 minutes, not weeks. Block threats in an instant. And use simple dashboards that make it easy to see what’s going on.