Cloud Native WAF for Sophisticated Threats

A Web Application Firewall That Delivers Unparalleled Depth of Protection Across All Your Apps and APIs

Never let another DDoS, botnet, or credential stuffing compromise the experience of your users. ThreatX’s next-gen web application firewall protects you from sophisticated threats to ensure you’re never caught off guard by malicious entities again.

  • OWASP Top 10 Coverage
  • Attacker-centric Detection
  • Agentless Deployment
  • Cloud Agnostic
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Cloud Native Protection

Secure all your web applications and APIs with simple to deploy WAF built for cloud native architecture.

High-fidelity detection and blocking of application exploits, reconnaissance, and OWASP Top 10 threats such as command injection, SQL injection, XSS, XSRF, session hijacking, and more.

  • OWASP Top 10 Threats
  • Vulnerability Protection
  • Advanced Multi-Stage Attacks

Bot Management

Behavioral analysis, attacker profiling, and active engagement to distinguish valid users from malicious bots and automation.

  • Credential Stuffing
  • Account Takeovers
  • Business Logic Abuse

DDoS Protection

Integrated DDoS protection to protect applications from volumetric as well as application-layer DDoS attacks.

  • Integrated Layer 3 traffic scrubbing
  • Layer 7 Attacks
  • Automated Tarpitting Based on Risk

Key Capabilities

Entity and Behavior Analytics

ThreatX goes far beyond signatures and anomaly detection to identify and track malicious entities even as traits such as IP addresses and user agents change. This lets us track and compile a complete picture of an entity’s risk so that enforcement is both highly accurate and laser-focused on the threats that matter the most.
Entity Fingerprinting

ThreatX combines a wide variety of proprietary techniques to reliably identify attacking entities even as they change IP addresses or user agents. This includes but is not limited to TLS fingerprinting and analytical profiling of entity traits and behaviors.

Entity Tracking and Risk Attribution

ThreatX then continuously monitors all entity behaviors and correlates all behaviors over time into a unified risk score. This allows security teams to see coordinated attacks and to identify and stop “low and slow” attacks that would normally fly under the radar.

Entity Actions and Response

ThreatX can actively engage entities to collect additional insights or take a variety of protective responses. This can include putting the entity on a watch list, active interrogation, tarpitting, blocking, any whitelisting or blacklisting.

Application Profiling

ThreatX automatically learns normal application behaviors and traits to establish baselines for the application. This can allow staff to identify any anomalous behavior which could be an early sign of attack.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We look at our ThreatX dashboard and pinpoint whether attackers are just getting their feet wet, or really trying to exploit us. It’s a good visual because we can see clearly what to focus on. With other solutions, it was just an immediate block for anything that met a rule.”

Marco Escobar, Senior Director of Operations | Segpay

“Prior to ThreatX we would spend countless hours adjusting rules, and manually blocking countries and IP addresses when under attack. Now we let ThreatX take care of it and my team and I have our evenings and weekends back. The best part of working with ThreatX is the SOC that is keeping an eye on things and making recommendations and adjustments. The relationship and trust is important to our Credit Union and we have found an amazing partner in ThreatX.”

Steve Liu, Director of Information Technology | Selco Community Credit Union

“We had a site that was being targeted by a bot, attempting to log in with rotating usernames and passwords. However, this threat actor was crafting a properly formed interaction with the API. So, there was nothing malicious. It was using proper user agents and properly formed headers — nothing about it was out of the ordinary. ThreatX’s ability to recognize anomalies that indicate suspicious behavior is game-changing.”

Director of Security Architecture and Engineering | Global Marketing Company

“A behavior-based approach to security was very compelling for us. Threat interactions are monitored and ThreatX enables us to automatically identify and block potentially malicious and suspicious cyber behavior. We don’t have to specify the conditions or rules like we would in any other WAF, because the ThreatX solution continuously learns from what it observes.”

Joel Bruesch, Senior Director of Information Security | BMC Software

“It’s been easy to work with the SOC team…I feel, the team feels, like they’re an extension of our information security team. Before, I would get all these text messages, at two in the morning or three in the morning. And it was never fun. I felt like I worked 24 by 7, nonstop, not just being on call. I just felt like we were working seven days a week. So, this past Thanksgiving was actually the first holiday that I felt I could actually enjoy with my family.”

Information Security Analyst | Large Financial Services Organization