Protect All Your APIs from Any Threat

ThreatX API Protection secures all your APIs – rogue, zombie, legitimate, and behind any mix of gateways – from all threats.

Scalable API Protection You Won’t Have to Manage

APIs are the building blocks of modern applications, yet often only receive a fraction of the security and protection that is taken for granted on web front-ends. ThreatX brings an API-native approach to security that addresses the unique risks, challenges, and threats facing APIs today.

  • API Discovery and Profiling
  • Native Decoding to Prevent Injection Attacks
  • Logic Aware Behavior Analysis
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API Profiling and Discovery

Threatx automatically discovers active API endpoints and identifies the tech stack and encodings in use. This ensures security teams can find and appropriately protect APIs even as developers roll out new APIs on the fly.

Native Decoding and Threat Prevention

ThreatX natively decodes and analyzes API traffic such as JSON and XML in order to identify any threats hidden within. This ensures teams can block injection attacks and other threats and exploits in the same way they do on the web front-end.

Logic Aware

ThreatX can identify a variety of ways that attackers or bots may try to abuse exposed application or business logic. For example, ThreatX can identify if an entity is hitting password reset functionality without having visited the login page. Likewise the solution can identify a spike in resource-intensive requests or an entity constantly refreshing inventory functionality, which could be a sign of an automated attack.

Key Capabilities

Entity and Behavior Analytics

ThreatX goes far beyond signatures and anomaly detection to identify and track malicious entities even as traits such as IP addresses and user agents change. This lets us track and compile a complete picture of an entity’s risk so that enforcement is both highly accurate and laser-focused on the threats that matter the most.
Entity Fingerprinting

ThreatX combines a wide variety of proprietary techniques to reliably identify attacking entities even as they change IP addresses or user agents. This includes but is not limited to TLS fingerprinting and analytical profiling of entity traits and behaviors.

Entity Tracking and Risk Attribution

ThreatX then continuously monitors all entity behaviors and correlates all behaviors over time into a unified risk score. This allows security teams to see coordinated attacks and to identify and stop “low and slow” attacks that would normally fly under the radar.

Entity Actions and Response

ThreatX can actively engage entities to collect additional insights or take a variety of protective responses. This can include putting the entity on a watch list, active interrogation, tarpitting, blocking, any whitelisting or blacklisting.

Application Profiling

ThreatX automatically learns normal application behaviors and traits to establish baselines for the application. This can allow staff to identify any anomalous behavior which could be an early sign of attack.