API Catalog Capabilities a Win for Our Customers

PUBLISHED ON August 20, 2021
LAST UPDATED March 18, 2022

It has been two weeks since we launched our new API Catalog capabilities at Black Hat in Las Vegas. The results are in, and this new capability is a hit!

Since launch, we have heard great feedback from many of our customers and prospects on how this capability provides them with a clear view of their API’s attack surface, as well as the operational health of the APIs they have in production. This is a distinct advantage as we work to protect our clients from threat actors who leverage API vulnerabilities with malicious intent.

We’ve seen an uptick in API-focused opportunities as organizations increasingly rely on APIs to build modern web applications that keep their businesses running. These companies recognize the importance of remaining one step ahead of threat actors across the globe and our API Catalog Capabilities will help them in this fight.

Schedule a demo today to see our API Catalog capabilities in action and discover how our behavior-based methodologies are helping us win 80% of our PoCs.


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Gene Fay

Gene has extensive experience building high-impact teams at early-stage startups in storage, virtualization, and cybersecurity. He has specific expertise in go-to-market strategies, marketing, customer success, and channel development. Gene holds an MBA from Northeastern University, where he guest lectures on topics such as product management, marketing, and sales.