Lean on Dedicated Experts to Get Your Nights and Weekends Back

Stopping zero-day threats requires more than just software. You need real live people – but it doesn’t have to be you.

Know that your APIs and applications are safe with Protection-as-a-Service, backed by experts who do the worrying for you.

  • Fully managed API & App Protection
  • 24/7/365 Support at your Fingertips
  • Active Monitoring, Threat Hunting & Incident Response
  • Zero-Day Protection backed by research
  • Custom Defenses to match your business need


    24/7 Security Coverage

    Your applications never sleep and neither do attackers. ThreatX services ensure your applications are always protected with 24-hour monitoring, response, and alerting. Even when your security staff is off duty, our team responds to urgent issues within 15 minutes 24/7/365 and stays engaged until the situation is resolved.

    AppSec Talent & Expertise

    AppSec often requires highly specialized skills, and talent is always in short supply.

    ThreatX can help cover any gaps with an experienced, highly-trained team of AppSec engineers and analysts who specialize in WAF management, API protection, behavioral analysis, bot management, DDoS mitigation, and more. ThreatX’s Fully-Managed Security Service lets you offload work to our AppSec experts, freeing your staff to focus on other high-priority projects.

    Incident Response and Triage

    ThreatX monitors for signs of malicious actors or risky entities and takes action when they are detected. All incidents are verified, analyzed, and prioritized for response and mitigation. This ensures all incidents are managed properly and quickly while reducing the burden on an organization’s Tier I and Tier III analyst teams.

    Threat Hunting

    ThreatX offers proactive monitoring and threat hunting to uncover signs of attack. Our staff monitors a wide variety of signals generated by behavioral and entity profiling, heuristics, and other intelligence sources. Our SOC team continuously collects IOCs and tracks threats across the Internet to ensure the ability to detect new and evolving threats facing customer applications.

    Custom Countermeasures

    Today’s attackers often specialize their attacks to the unique traits of a target application. ThreatX services can help adapt to these targeted attacks with the option to create customized countermeasures and mitigation policies uniquely tailored to the customer environment. Policies can be generated on-demand in response to newly detected threats or pre-defined business requirements.