See what’s being targeted in your own APIs and applications right now

Get a live demo of attackers probing APIs and applications, looking for a way in. See potential attacks in their earliest stages – so you can put a stop to them with ThreatX.

What You’ll Learn

  1. How ThreatX protects all your APIs and applications across any mix of cloud and on-prem environments
  2. How to quickly manage the riskiest threat entities and discover which APIs and applications they’re targeting
  3. Why risk-based automated blocking informed by attacker-centric behavioral analytics hugely reduces false-positives
  4. Why all of this protection delivered as a managed service is a game changer for your overburdened team

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Prior to ThreatX we would spend countless hours adjusting rules, and manually blocking countries and IP addresses when under attack. Now we let ThreatX take care of it and my team and I have our evenings and weekends back. The best part of working with ThreatX is the SOC that is keeping an eye on things and making recommendations and adjustments. The relationship and trust is important to our Credit Union and we have found an amazing partner in ThreatX.”

Steve Liu, Director of Information Technology | Selco Community Credit Union

“A behavior-based approach to security was very compelling for us. Threat interactions are monitored and ThreatX enables us to automatically identify and block potentially malicious and suspicious cyber behavior. We don’t have to specify the conditions or rules like we would in any other WAF, because the ThreatX solution continuously learns from what it observes.”

Joel Bruesch, Senior Director of Information Security, BMC Software

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