ThreatX Platform Overview

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It Just Keeps Getting Tougher Every Day

More apps. Changing architectures. More sophisticated threats. Who has the time—or the staff—to keep up with it all?

Modern organizations need to support both on-prem and hybrid cloud environments. APIs and microservices architectures must be securely protected to prevent abuse and thwart debilitating attacks. At the same, revenue-generating access to those same services must be allowed to flow freely. And, to make matters worse, a wide array of highly sophisticated and high-impact threats like injection attacks, denial of service, account takeover, brute force, credential stuffing, vulnerability scanning, and web scanning are persistently targeting the perimeter.

The result? An untenable burden on security staff who are required to constantly tune rules, analyze false positives and false negatives, and investigate inconclusive anomalies.

Add to all of that, the need to work in lockstep with DevOps teams and you’ve got a perfect storm of security challenges brewing.

It’s complicated. And legacy WAFs are falling short in delivering solutions that help. ThreatX’s cloud-native Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) Platform takes a fresh approach that eliminates many of the headaches currently associated with legacy WAFs.

Gartner observed a 15% growth in WAAP inquiries in 2020 compared with the previous year…attributed to the expansion of organizations’ digital transformation initiatives adding more applications and APIs to their portfolios.*


An Attacker-Centric Web Application Security Solution

The ThreatX WAAP Platform protects web applications and APIs from cyberthreats across cloud, on-prem and hybrid environments by delivering precise protection and complete threat visibility. A unique combination of behavior profiling, collective threat intelligence, and deep analytics delivers confident coverage. Our Managed WAAP Service provides on-demand access to AppSec experts 24/7 that reduces added costs associated with legacy WAFs.

The ThreatX WAAP Platform alleviates many of the headaches currently associated with legacy WAFs:

  • A complete solution for all types of threats: OWASP Top 10, bots, targeted attacks, and DDoS
  • Native cloud deployment implementations will have you blocking in hours, not days
  • Unprecedented visibility into the attacks targeting your business
  • On-demand, 24/7 access to AppSec experts reduces the need for internal expertise


The ThreatX WAAP Platform

How It Works

  • A kill-chain based approach classifies suspicious behaviors and associated risks
  • Simple, SaaS-based deployment provides coverage for hybrid app environments & all APIs
  • IP interrogation uses javascript injection, cookies, & forms to validate suspicious users
  • Deep visibility into attack activity, attack classifications and risks enabling teams to perform incident triage and response
  • Shared threat analytics correlates attack patterns and techniques across multiple customers and apps
  • Threats are blocked in real-time based on a configurable risk score
  • Access to managed services for additional threat hunting or analysis and monitoring 24×7
  • Combines Bot, DDoS, and WAF protection in a rapidly-deployable, cloud-native solution

The real business benefit for us, first and foremost, is the level of protection that ThreatX provides to our web applications. Next would be the ability to provide this protection across all our services with very little overhead. Using ThreatX moves us forward without impacting my team’s constrained resources.

– Senior Director of Information Security, BMC Software

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* Source: Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Web Application and API Protection, 20 September 2021, Jeremy D’Hoinne et al.