Why I Joined ThreatX

PUBLISHED ON February 28, 2023
LAST UPDATED Feb 28, 2023

I was thrilled to join ThreatX as the Chief Revenue Officer a couple months ago because of the company’s people, the massive opportunity, and because this team has developed the best solution I’ve seen to one of the most vexing cybersecurity challenges today. I’ve led sales teams in several cybersecurity organizations over the years, and getting all three right at once – opportunity, team, and tech – doesn’t happen often.  

Opportunity: API and application protection is top of mind for most CISOs today. And if it wasn’t last month, it is now after the T-Mobile breach. In my first couple weeks at ThreatX, I met with a potential customer who simply held up a headline of the T-Mobile breach on his phone when I asked him what prompted him to reach out. No one wants that kind of press, and most haven’t yet figured out how to protect against these types of attacks. Applications have been easy pickings for attackers, and APIs are now even easier – organizations don’t understand what they have or where it is, and attackers know and it and are taking advantage. This is a complex, real challenge, and ThreatX has a big opportunity to help organizations with powerful protection that doesn’t burden overworked security teams.  

Team: From the executive team to the entry level employees, ThreatX is filled with smart, driven people who love their jobs, love working together, and are laser focused on ThreatX’s mission to protect customers from threats to APIs and applications, and put cyberattackers out of business. I was impressed during the interview process, and I’m even more impressed now. 

Tech: The ThreatX technology is second to none – no one else is combining powerful attacker profiling with human expertise and real-time blocking. This combination creates powerful protection, and makes life easier for overworked and understaffed security teams.  

I’ve never worked at a tech company where the customers so frequently say that the solution “gives them their weekends back,” or “helps them sleep at night.” No other vendor is making API and app security so easy and pain-free. 

We have big challenges, and we have stiff competition, but this team and this tech are ready for it. I am excited to be here, and can’t wait to see how far we go. 

Want to see what I’m talking about? Sign up to get a demo here: https://www.threatx.com/request-a-demo/  


About the Author

Mike Connolly

Mike is the Chief Revenue Officer at ThreatX. He brings 25+ years as a successful, experienced and proven sales leader focused on recruiting, hiring, motivating and leading sales and marketing teams to over-deliver on revenue expectations. He has domain experience in SaaS, Storage, Networking, Compute, Security, Software and Services. Along with strong relationships with regional, national and global partner community, technology OEM’s and Alliance Partners.