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Protecting APIs and applications from ever-evolving threats is difficult. We thrive on difficult.

At ThreatX, we are helping teams at companies around the globe protect more of their infrastructure from more threats, with less work.

Our Story

These days, everything’s more complex – from your infrastructure itself to the attackers who want to exploit it. The use of APIs has exploded, making attackers’ jobs easier and yours a lot harder. You can never let your guard down, even on a Friday night or at your kid’s basketball game.  

In the face of multi-vector, long-play attacks, a signature-based approach just won’t cut it. It’s a game of cat and mouse – and you always feel a step behind. You know you need to be proactive to stay ahead, but you just don’t have the time and resources to do it yourself. 

You’d like your sites to be up and running all the time – doing what they’re supposed to do to serve your customers. You want to know that if anything does threaten your APIs and applications, it’ll be handled right away. You want to sleep at night – not always be waiting for the next disaster.  

With ThreatX, that peaceful confidence is exactly what you’ll have. ThreatX is managed API and web app protection that means you’ll never stress about when the next attack is coming. You’ll know your APIs and applications are safe with risk-based, real-time protection – backed by experts who do the worrying for you. 

Our Core Values

Esprit de Corps
Esprit de Corps
Urgent Accountability
Urgent Accountability

Our Team

Depth of experience in security, software, and start ups.

  • Executive Team
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  • Board Advisors
  • Gene Fay

    Chief Executive Officer

    Bret Settle

    Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer

    Libby Merrill

    Chief Financial Officer

    Joseph Feiman

    Chief Innovation Officer

    Mike Rogers

    VP, Business Development

  • Tom Axbey

    Board Member

    Greg Dracon

    Board Member, Partner, .406 Ventures

    Gene Fay

    Board Member and Chief Executive Officer

    Steve Fredrick

    General Partner, Grotech Ventures

    Frank Medicino III

    Managing Director, Access Venture Partners

    Tom Roberts

    Board Member, Partner, Harbert Growth Partners

    Bret Settle

    Board Member and Chief Strategy Officer

  • Andy Grolnick

    Board Advisor

    Sonali Shah

    Board Advisor

What We’re Building

We experienced, first-hand, the lack of coverage for hybrid cloud environments, the poor accuracy and limited intelligence that [traditional WAF solutions] use to identify advanced cyber threats and their inability to support deep analysis of trends and web application vulnerabilities. So, we built a better solution for web application protection.”

Bret Settle, Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

We take an attacker-centric approach to risk, rather than a profile-based or signature-based approach. We look at an attacking entity and then apply behavioral heuristics to understand, what is that sketchy traffic really up to?

Tom Hickman, Chief Product Officer

We don’t have ivory towers and people who sit in their silos and work by themselves. It’s really about cross functional collaboration, people across the organization, rolling up their sleeves and working shoulder-to-shoulder.

Gwendolyn Quest, Chief Financial Officer

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Our team is growing rapidly and looking for great people interested in helping us simplify the way companies are protecting their applications and APIs.


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