Automating Investigation and Defense with ThreatX and Cortex XSOAR


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AppSec teams must defend an ever-growing set of web applications and APIs from a wide variety of evolving threats. To keep pace, teams must make sure their efforts are efficient and impactful. The integration of ThreatX and Cortex XSOAR delivers on this goal by pairing next-generation application security with industry-leading security automation and orchestration. ThreatX provides a unique and comprehensive approach to application security that is both cloud and API native. The platform brings together traditional WAF protection, application and attacker behavioral analysis, anti-bot functionality, deception, and DDoS protection into a single context. Entities and evolving threats are tracked and scored over time in terms of their risk, and behavioral analysis and active interrogation is used to identify known and unknown threats even without a signature.

The solution can be run can be delivered as a service, providing 24/7 monitoring, management, threat hunting, and response staffed by AppSec experts. The result provides organizations with a simple single solution to address all AppSec threats, highly reliable detection and enforcement, and the ability to save time and offload work from the internal security team.

Integration with XSOAR ensures that analysts can seamlessly access ThreatX’s rich context for their investigations and trigger mitigation actions quickly. Analysts can easily pull context for any entity in an investigation including a variety of entity traits, IP information, notes, and risk scores. In addition to ThreatX’s built-in enforcement options such as blocking or tarpitting, teams can use XSOAR to block or unblock an IP or whitelist or blacklist an IP as needed. These integrations allow for highly efficient analyst investigations as well as fully automated response and enforcement actions.


Key Benefits

  • Faster Investigations – Automatically pull important context such as host or risk traits for any entity in an investigation without the need for swivel-chair analysis. Analysts can both retrieve and add notes for an entity on demand.
  • Add Risk-Based Context to Investigations – Easily integrate ThreatX Risk Scores into analysis and workflows. Threat Risk Scores automatically correlate across multiple detection strategies and phases of attack to provide a single highly-enriched score for the entity that accounts for the full scope and impact of an attacker’s actions.
  • Stop Threats with Automated or Manual Enforcement – Easily trigger enforcement actions based on investigations or policies including block/unblock IPs or whitelist/blacklist IPs.


Features and Use Cases

The integration between ThreatX and XSOAR enables security teams to automate many of the most common and time-consuming investigative and response tasks. This includes common malware investigation, containment of command-and-control traffic, as well as the ability to trigger enforcement based on detections from other security tools. The table below provides a list of the actions included in the integrations and playbooks that can use those actions.


Key Supported Actions

  • Block ip – Block an IP
  • Unblock ip – Unblock an IP
  • Blacklist ip – Add an IP to the Blacklist
  • Whitelist ip – Add an IP to the Whitelist
  • Get entities – Get high-level Entity information
  • Get entity ips – Get all Entity IP addresses
  • Get entity risk – Get the latest Entity risk score
  • Get entity notes – Get the Entity notes
  • New entity note – Add a new note for the Entity


About ThreatX

ThreatX is challenging the traditional approach to AppSec which has left organizations exposed, at risk, and overworked. ThreatX’s Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) solution defends against threats across cloud and on-prem environments. We deliver complete protection and deep threat visibility by combining behavior profiling, collective threat intelligence, and advanced analytics. Our AppSec-as-a-Service combines threat hunting with access to experts 24/7, significantly reducing the direct operational costs and maintenance burdens of WAFs for enterprises.

About Coretex XSOAR by Palo Alto Networks

Cortex XSOAR by Palo Alto Networks is an extended security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform that unifies case management, automation, real-time collaboration and threat intel management to transform every stage of the incident lifecycle. Teams can manage alerts across all sources, standardize processes with playbooks, take action on threat intel and automate response for any security use case – resulting in significantly faster responses that require less manual review.


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