eBPF-powered Runtime Observability & Vulnerability Management

Live Webcast: July 23rd, 12pm ET

Staying ahead of risks and ensuring APIs are secure is paramount. As organizations increasingly adopt complex, distributed systems, the need for comprehensive runtime observability and effective vulnerability management has never been more critical. Join us for an in-depth exploration of ThreatX’s eBPF-powered Runtime Observability & Vulnerability Management. Learn how ThreatX leverages eBPF (extended Berkeley Packet Filter) to deliver an innovative and easy-to-use solution for preventing API vulnerabilities.

Key Topics include:

  • Runtime Observability: Utilize eBPF to monitor system calls, analyze network traffic, and profile APIs.
  • Detect API Vulnerabilities Earlier: Harness the power of eBPF to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities in real-time, allowing for quicker and more effective remediation.
  • Optimize Vulnerability Management: Explore how eBPF can streamline your vulnerability management processes, providing deeper insights and more actionable data.

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  • Abbey Bennett – Director, Product Management, ThreatX
  • Tyler Hill – Senior Product Manager, ThreatX
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