Announcing ThreatX Labs

PUBLISHED ON January 11, 2023
LAST UPDATED February 21, 2023

I’m happy to announce that ThreatX will be conducting more threat research with the formation of ThreatX Labs. A dedicated team of security experts will join me in studying and reporting on both novel attack methods and new ways to detect API and web app attacks.  

Cybersecurity today is a cat and mouse game, with attackers constantly changing their tactics and targets. Security teams need to move as fast; if they remain static and don’t keep up with emerging threats, the attackers will gain the upper hand. ThreatX Labs is intended to aid in this effort, to be proactive in studying and analyzing attacker tools and techniques and stay one step ahead. 

Based on extensive analysis of attacks observed in the wild, the ThreatX Labs research will help you better understand the increasingly complex nature of API and web app attacks, and more effectively plan and prioritize your initiatives. You’ll get details on:  

  • Novel web- and API-based attacks — including a deep dive into the complex, multi-vector attacks we now frequently observe 
  • New and creative ways attackers are evading detection 
  • Real-world case studies that demonstrate how attackers morph their tactics over time 
  • Attack data across ThreatX customers 
  • Processes to identify and counter complex, multi-vector attacks 
  • Applying new tech to security problems 

I’m also happy to announce that this team is kicking off 2023 with the release of its first two research reports: 

Anatomy of a Targeted Credential Stuffing Attack: This paper analyzes a recent distributed, botnet-based credential stuffing attack faced by a ThreatX customer. This paper highlights exactly how these attacks are carried out, offering defensive strategies based on attacker tactics. 

Trends in Credential Stuffing and How to Identify It: This paper outlines a detailed method for identifying distributed, botnet-based credential stuffing attacks. 

If you’re struggling with credential stuffing attacks, or want to be protected from them in the future, this new research will give you tested and valuable methods for identifying and defending against these attacks. 

There’s more to come; to keep up with new ThreatX Labs research, follow us on LinkedIn


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Andrew Useckas

Andrew has a varied career ranging from ethical hacking, penetration testing and security product development for the US Department of Defense, senior consulting positions for fortune 500 enterprises, and corporate CISO responsibilities for large enterprises. Andrew has an exceptional blend of software development skills combined with extensive knowledge and experience of the network and security industries.