Implementing A Full Spectrum Approach To Appsec


As Application Security continues to mature, organizations increasingly need a more unified approach to security, both for the operational needs of the organization as well as the quality and efficacy of the security solution.

From an operational perspective, most organizations are plagued by having too many products to manage, too many alerts to address, and not enough coordination and time to make use of all the data they generate. A modern AppSec platform should tame product and alert fatigue, and combine the myriad of security disciplines and techniques into a unified approach, including such capabilities as:

  • Application profiling
  • Behavioral attacker detection
  • API protection
  • Deception
  • Anti-bot
  • DDoS
  • Virtual patching
  • Edge caching
  • SIEM/SOAR integration

In addition, the modern threat landscape continues to evolve and techniques used by one type of threat often blend into another. Bots may attempt to abuse exposed application functionality. Automated attack platforms are used for reconnaissance and exploitation.

All of these threats will attempt to obfuscate their true origin from security defenses and constantly move to evade simple reputation rules. As boundaries between these types of threats become blurred, it is critical that an enterprise approach to security addresses all types of threats, regardless of their type.

With these requirements in mind, this paper explores some of the key requirements of a Next-Gen AppSec platform and how it can be used to build a coordinated, full-spectrum approach to application security.

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