Defending Against Complex Mixed-Mode Threats

The Evolving Cyberthreat Landscape

Complex cyberthreats are one of the most rapidly evolving threat vectors that businesses face as we head into 2022. Attackers are constantly shapeshifting and reaping the rewards of an attack strategy that knows where tripwires and detection thresholds exist in DDoS and bot detection solutions. As organizations try to defend themselves using once-proven, automated responses to singular attack variants, they’re finding that they’re actually more vulnerable than ever. The key to getting ahead of the bad guys is twofold: Understanding the myriad of threat types that lie below the tip of the cyberthreat “iceberg,” and Recognizing that attackers don’t conform to defense toolchain’s expectations. Tom Hickman, Chief Product Officer, and Diana Kelley, CTO of Security Curve will dive into this iceberg of threats and explain how attackers are using this arsenal of attack types to access systems and avoid detection.

Join us to learn:

  • Common blends of tools and techniques that attackers are using to stay just below detection thresholds to penetrate defense perimeters
  • Insights into how automated attack methods are being used for reconnaissance and exploitation
  • Examples of how organizations are experiencing these attack patterns
  • And more…
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