eXecutive Security: ThreatX Launches New Podcast on March 15

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March 15, 2022

CEO Gene Fay and industry luminaries discuss how to start and build a security career

BOSTONMarch 14, 2022ThreatX, the leading API protection platform, today announced that the new eXecutive Security podcast will launch Tuesday, March 15, 2022. Hosted by ThreatX CEO Gene Fay, the podcast will feature conversations with CISOs and other security leaders on how individuals can enter into and grow careers in security.

According to (ISC)2, an international non-profit professional organization, there is a global workforce shortage of over 2.7 million cybersecurity professionals. On top of this, companies often seek security “unicorn” hires with such high expectations for experience that dissuade many from pursuing the field. Through these eXecutive Security podcasts, Fay hopes to share real-world perspectives from those who have built careers in the security field and help lessen the perceived barriers.

The inaugural eXecutive Security podcast will launch Tuesday, March 15; Fay chats with T. Rowe Price CISO Tom Quinn.  Future guests include:

“I’ve been fortunate to have built a wonderful career in the security industry. We all have a responsibility to give back in some way and I see the opportunity to share perspectives that might motivate others to pursue careers in security,” said Fay. “The great news I’ve found through these conversations is there is no ‘right path’ for a security career. Security leaders come from all sorts of backgrounds and the eXecutive Security podcast will share these stories with our listeners.”

The eXecutive Security podcast is hosted on Transistor and will be available through many streaming services including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify, among others. An intro trailer is currently available here, along with more details on the podcast series.

Listeners may follow eXecutive Security podcast on LinkedIn and Twitter, as well.