4 in 1: WAF +API Protection +Bot Management +DDoS Mitigation

High Effeciency Protection

Manage the Security Risks of ANY Application Environment

The threat landscape is expanding rapidly and becoming more complex every day. It's challenging. We know. Put your trust in a platform that was designed from the ground up to address the failings of today's legacy WAFs.

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Agent-Free Scalability

No need to pick-and-choose what to protect

Security solutions should be easy to scale across all applications and integrate seamlessly with DevOps processes without introducing additional testing and rollout burdens. ThreatX's WAAP does both, supporting the AppSec and DevOps teams alike.

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Endless Deployment Flexibility

Flexible, Agile Deployment That Keeps Pace with DevOps Teams

With cloud-native, container-based deployment options, you can protect all your web, cloud, and legacy apps quickly--even those ancillary websites that are often overlooked and can become easy targets.

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What Customers Say

"A behavior-based approach to security was very compelling for us. Threat interactions are monitored and ThreatX enables us to automatically identify and block potentially malicious and suspicious cyber behavior. We don't have to specify the conditions or rules like we would in any other WAF, because the ThreatX solution continuously learns from what it observes."
Joel Bruesch, Senior Director of Information Security, BMC Software

Protecting Brands Like:

One Platform. Complete Coverage.

Lifecycle Threat Prevention

Lifecycle Threat Prevention

Unlike traditional WAFs, ThreatX connects all behaviors, activities and perspectives together over time to deliver a complete, real-time understanding of risk. This full-spectrum approach to threat detection is required to detect modern threats and deliver where traditional WAFs can't.

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Service Ready with Experts on Tap

Product features are one thing, but having in-house experts in API security, Bots, virtual patching and targeted attacks is quite another. Whether you need access to a particular skill, need to offload work from your team, or simply want to outsource to our AppSec-as-a-Service (ASaaS) team, we've got you covered.

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Security Expertise On Tap
insights for SecOps and others

Insights for SecOps and Others

Traditional WAFs tend to be black boxes that make it hard to see what is really happening. This forces teams to waste time correlating disparate low-fidelity logs. ThreatX gives you high-fidelity insight into events and enables staff to easily dig into the details to understand how to protect other parts of the business.

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Operationally Flexible and Efficient

Legacy WAFs can take weeks or months to deploy, require constant tuning and don't work well with modern DevOps delivery models. Because ThreatX is cloud- and container-native, it can be deployed in a single day and works with DevOps tool sets for deployment, automated configuration and monitoring.

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Cloud-native flexibility

Limitless Scalability

With no agents to limit scalability, ThreatX's WAAP++ platform let's you protect everything. Don't spend cycles you don't have trying to prioritize the most important, most visible apps. The not-so-visible, tertiary apps are often the most attactive to attackers and can leave you most vulnerable. Our agent-free architecture lets you easily scale to protect everything.

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All-in-One Protection

WAF + API Protection + Bot Management + DDos Mitigation