Web Application Protection for the Modern Era

How to protect your applications in a constantly evolving threat landscape

Application security is evolving. Just the shift to primarily web-facing applications alone is enough to wag the system of many security teams. But that’s not the only trend that modern security teams have to worry about. Introduce continuous development and the growing intensity and advancement of both human and automated threats, and security teams are hard pressed to keep up.

While web application firewalls (WAFs) are an obvious option to solve these challenges, WAFs have historically placed a tremendous burden on security teams as they are forced to manually tune and respond to high volumes of false positives.

This vast evolution across application development and delivery, threat landscapes, and application security models is creating tremendous pressure and uncertainty for security teams. This guide, Web Application Protection in the Modern Era, is a security team’s guide to the current state of web application security and how to respond.

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  • An exploration of the driving factors of the evolving application landscape, such as DevOps
  • Current trends in hacker behavior and the changing threat landscape
  • A closer look at threat-centric security and what’s driving its adoption
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