Platform Demo: Securing Sensitive Data From Advanced Threats

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APIs are everywhere, connecting apps and enabling them to share data; they are key building blocks for digital businesses today.  

Think about healthcare providers connecting with insurance carriers; online retailers connecting with delivery services; and various financial institutions connecting with one another to support B2B and B2C transactions.  

All of these are enabled by APIs interacting with sensitive business and personal data.  

In turn, APIs are becoming one of the prime targets for attackers today.

In this 30-minute platform demonstration, learn how ThreatX secures its customers’ sensitive data against advanced threats.  

Key highlights:   

  • How ThreatX detects high-risk APIs  
  • Investigating advanced threats 
  • Risk-based, automated protection 
  • Fireside chat with ThreatX Field CISO, Jeremy Ventura 

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