Exclusive Platform Demo

With ThreatX Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder, Bret Settle

Join ThreatX co-founder and chief product officer, Bret Settle, for an exclusive platform demonstration to go through recently announced capabilities and get a deep dive into specific capabilities based on audience request.   The ThreatX platform is always discovering APIs, detecting threats, tracking behavior, and blocking attacks – automatically. Join this event to learn about our latest capabilities and get a deep dive on specific capabilities including:

  • Stopping runtime threats with ThreatX Runtime API & App Protection 
  • Getting insights into API usage and threats with the new API Catalog 2.0 
  • Managing all automated and bot traffic at scale with the new Botnet Console


Bret Settle

Chief Product Officer & Co-founder of ThreatX
Bret has served in multiple executive roles for Corporate Express/Staples and BMC Software and has extensive knowledge of the software development and security products industries. Bret has been responsible for enterprise security in multiple roles and has been an innovator throughout his career and has a proven track record of building and developing high performing organizations and dynamic cyber security teams.
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