ThreatX Recognized for its Commitment to API Protection

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March 09, 2022

The ThreatX platform wins multiple awards, demonstrates continued leadership in API and web application security

BOSTON – March 9, 2022ThreatX, the leading API protection platform, today announced that it has been named the winner of two 2022 Globee Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards and five 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. The ThreatX platform offers unparalleled protection against sophisticated API threats, enabling organizations to identify and stop attacks in real-time and through a single, integrated platform.

ThreatX’s risk engine applies advanced analytics to identify and stop attacks before they are successful, unlike API anomaly detection tools that require offline data analysis post-attack, and rules-based products (e.g., legacy WAFs) that are ill-equipped for complex, multi-mode threats. Because ThreatX delivers API attack detection and blocking through a single, integrated platform, customers avoid the cost and complexity of deploying multiple products.

ThreatX’s combination of application-centric and attacker-centric methodologies are designed to protect against extremely complex threats, including massive botnets and DDoS. The platform reduces any friction that might occur as security teams work to short up security in DevOps as it requires no agents or collectors.

The company was recognized for the following:

2022 Globee Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards

Gold winner: Web Application Security & Firewalls

Silver winner: Application Programming Interface (API) Management & Security

2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

Gold winner: API Security

Gold winner: Application Security

Gold winner: Bot Defense

Gold winner: Web Application Security

Silver winner: Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company

“Organizations today are faced with a choice between securing the APIs that drive their business, or leaving themselves open to attack,” said Gene Fay, CEO of ThreatX. “We’re thrilled to be recognized by these awards because it reinforces the need for API protection capabilities that allow customers to stop attacks before they are successful. API security affects us all, and knowing that our team’s efforts to provide the capabilities necessary for proper API protection are being recognized means the world to us.”

As discovered in ThreatX’s “API [In] Security: The Consumer Perspective” research report, API security is more important now than ever before, as consumers are more aware of the risks posed by the proliferation of APIs transferring their personal information. The report found that as a result of this increased transferring of data, 72% of consumers would leave a brand if certain types of personal data was exposed in a breach, for instance. However, 65% of consumers stated that they would pay more for a product that was marked “secure”. By leveraging platforms such as ThreatX, organizations are able to effectively protect not only themselves from costly breaches, but also their customers and their brands as a whole.

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