Response to Threat of Russian Cyberattacks

PUBLISHED ON February 24, 2022
LAST UPDATED Feb 24, 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is expected to lead to security attacks against Ukraine and its allies. ThreatX is actively monitoring the situation and preparing for any retaliatory measures Russia may take on businesses, including our customers. As a managed platform, we have the advantage of monitoring activity across all customers to both identify threats and deploy common protection schemas for all, as we did when the Log4J incident transpired. For both our customers and other organizations, ThreatX specifically recommends the following:

  • Geo-block regions of the world where you do not conduct business – with a specific focus on Eastern Europe, if possible.
  • Block TOR Exit Nodes – and consider blocking VPNs and known proxies.

Finally, for our customers, please reach out to the ThreatX Security Operations Center for any specific concerns or support.

About the Author

Andrew Useckas

Andrew has a varied career ranging from ethical hacking, penetration testing and security product development for the US Department of Defense, senior consulting positions for fortune 500 enterprises, and corporate CISO responsibilities for large enterprises. Andrew has an exceptional blend of software development skills combined with extensive knowledge and experience of the network and security industries.