My First 100 Days

PUBLISHED ON June 5, 2020
LAST UPDATED August 2, 2021

If you manage yourself well over the course of your career, you‘ll get maybe a half-dozen shots at your “first 100 days. Any more than that and you might be job hopping too muchAny less, and you might be staying in your comfort zone for too long. 

Either way, as I write this, I’m approaching day 30 of my “first 100 days” at ThreatX.  

In gigs-past I’ve always been very low valence in the early dayslistened more than I talked; framed problems; asked probing questions and let people get to my way of thinking at their own speed. 

With ThreatX, I thought I’d come in a little stronger, leverage the wrinkles and gray hair I’ve earned over the years, and be a bit more prescriptive: 

  • Right-size the process. 
  • DevOps all the things.  
  • Visualize all the work streams. 
  • Preach the gospel of test-driven development.  
  • Focus on my belief that software development is a team sport. 

But as I’ve gotten up to speed, I’ve been delighted to discover that much of my playbook is already in place! 

The process bits seem right for the size of the company. The ThreatX production environment is well-managed and well-monitored. Everything we do is in Jira. The Dev team is way out ahead of me on TDD. And most importantly, everyone is supportive of one-another. I can’t even count the number of times my new ThreatX colleagues have asked me what they can do to help me be successful.

30 days in, things look greatI’m more excited than ever to be a part of the ThreatX team

The cool thing about running ahead of plan on my first 100 days is that it lets me to focus on finding the best way to tell the ThreatX story so that we don’t continue to be the best kept secret in appsec 

We’re the first and best line of defense for web applications and APIs. We deploy in minutes, not days. We prove our value in days, not weeks or months. We scale up quickly and easily and we scale to numbers our competition can’t match in quarters or even years.

The story is truly extraordinary. 

If you’re already a customer you know all of this, and you’re probably already a believer in the ThreatX platform. We’re on the wall with you 24x7. Stay tuned. We have some cool stuff lined up for development in the second half of the year. You won’t want to miss it.

And if you’re not already a customer, we should talk! 

About the Author

Tom Hickman

Tom has a long track record of building and scaling product delivery capabilities at mid- and growth-stage startups. He served as the VP of Engineering at Edgewise Networks, where he led engineering through early releases of Edgewise’s zero-trust micro-segmentation product. While at Veracode, a leader in AppSec, Hickman led engineering through an Agile transformation and helped the company become a true multi-faceted AppSec platform prior to its acquisition by CA Technologies in 2017. Tom holds a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.