Sustaining our Black Hat Momentum

PUBLISHED ON August 10, 2021
LAST UPDATED March 18, 2022

The ThreatX team had an outstanding two days at Black Hat! Even though we were caught up in the elation of once again meeting with clients, customers, prospects and partners, we were able to exceed the goals that we set for ourselves. We were blown away by the interest in ThreatX. We entered Las Vegas in a position of strength, and we return home in an even better position.

On Wednesday, we hit the ground running – our booth was set up far before others in our row (and our competitors across the hall!) – and we launched our API Catalog capabilities. APIs are becoming the target of choice for many threat actors because they are widely used as the building blocks of modern web application. Our new API Catalog capabilities will enhance our Protection-First approach and provide our clients with a clear view of their API’s attack surface, as well as the operational health of APIs in production.

Throughout the event we were inspired to have so many people contribute to the conversations on why their WAFs suck and how ThreatX can help. We were able to come away from these conversations with some cool data on this issue that we will be publishing soon, be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Leading up to Black Hat, you may have noticed we launched our brand-new website! This was part of the master plan, and it is our hope that this site will enable us to sustain our forward momentum.

Our path ahead has never been clearer. We are prepared, focused and driven. I can’t wait for us to continue moving forward, together.


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Gene Fay

Gene has extensive experience building high-impact teams at early-stage startups in storage, virtualization, and cybersecurity. He has specific expertise in go-to-market strategies, marketing, customer success, and channel development. Gene holds an MBA from Northeastern University, where he guest lectures on topics such as product management, marketing, and sales.