Get API Protection Best Practices With “The Definitive Guide to API Attack Protection”

PUBLISHED ON May 25, 2022
LAST UPDATED September 6, 2022

In recent months, we’ve been fielding a lot of questions about API security from our prospects and customers. We know it’s top of mind for many security professionals today, and it’s why we were thrilled to help play a role in creating The Definitive Guide to API Attack Protection. This new book, authored by Crystal Bedell and published by CyberEdge Press, is your roadmap to understanding APIs and what it takes to protect them. In six easy-to-read chapters filled with illustrations and sidebars, this Definitive Guide answers:

  • How do APIs work?
  • What are the most common API security weaknesses?
  • What are the most common API security solutions?
  • How are attackers approaching APIs?
  • What are the best practices for thwarting API attackers?
  • What should you look for in an API protection solution?

APIs are not easy to protect. By their very nature, APIs expose application logic and sensitive data. Attacks can look like legitimate user behavior. Also, attackers can combine a variety of evasion techniques and attack methods to bypass traditional security controls. Based on real-world experiences and insights, this guide can help. Use it to inform the development of a new API security initiative, or the maturation of an existing one.

Download this new collection of API protection tips, advice, and best practices or check our latest guide on API protection.


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