Strengthen Web App Defenses Using Behavioral Analysis Attacker Deception

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Overburdened security teams are finding it increasingly difficult to keep pace with the volume and sophistication of daily threats. This, coupled with the limitations of traditional WAF signature approaches has left many organizations desperate to find a solution.

What we need are faster, automated detection and remediation options, but the path to a solution may not be that clear. What solutions exist today to make this possible? And how can well-established security teams make the transition?

Join us for a discussion where we will go beyond the search for the “perfect” tool. Instead, show the practical power of combining next-generation techniques into a single automated process. Specifically, we will review the roles that behavioral analysis and active attacker engagement and deception play in application security, when combined, they deliver accurate and low-burden threat protection results that far surpass legacy AppSec approaches.

Key topics include:

  • Different types of behavioral analysis in application security
  • Strengths and weaknesses of behavioral analysis
  • An overview of techniques for attacker engagement and deception
  • How to combine both techniques into an automated application security model
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