Platform Demo: Observe Threats Running Beyond HTTP

If we’ve learned anything protecting organizations from adversaries, it’s that they’re pervasive, clever, and unrestricted. They’ll pivot in a moment if they sense vulnerability, they’ll switch tactics, and they’ll try new vectors. That’s why defense in depth is such a revered approach among cybersecurity professionals, and just beyond the edge are runtime environments. Runtime threats have been a long-standing concern in the cybersecurity community, but traditional runtime protection approaches have been far from perfect.  

In this 30-minute platform demonstration, learn how ThreatX observes threats running beyond HTTP with our latest solution, Runtime API and Application Protection. 

Key Highlights: 

  • The Evolving Threat Landscape to Runtime 
  • Why eBPF-based Security 
  • Explore ThreatX Runtime Observability 
  • Q&A with our cybersecurity experts. 

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