Platform Demo: API Catalog 2.0 & Botnet Console

Announcing the expansion of our platform offering with the release of new dashboards, Botnet Console & API Catalog 2.0

ThreatX is thrilled to announce the expansion of our platform offering with the release of new dashboards, Botnet Console & API Catalog 2.0! The new dashboards enable security teams to stay ahead of rapidly evolving, automated threats, more effectively protecting APIs and applications.

The Botnet Console enables security teams to monitor all bot and botnet activity – at scale. Security teams can quickly identify and respond to changing automated threats before APIs and applications are affected or breached. API Catalog 2.0 offers security teams a comprehensive solution for managing APIs and investigating attackers targeting them. The redesigned dashboard features new metrics, advanced analytics, and visualizations to investigate threat behavior all the while knowing that ThreatX’s real-time, risk-based blocking has already thwarted attackers.

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Sydney Coffaro

Senior Product Marketing Manager @ThreatX Sydney Coffaro is a certified Product Manager, Scrum Master, and has led technical sales initiatives for go-to customer teams that resulted in the acquisition of hundreds of customers. She is an experienced subject-matter expert focused on Cyber Security Automation, Incident Response, APIs, and Application Security with a demonstrated history of working in fast-paced early-stage startups.


Tyler Hill

Senior Product Manager @ThreatX Tyler Hill is a seasoned Senior Product Manager with a proven track record of driving successful product strategies and leading cross-functional teams. With a passion for innovation and a keen understanding of customer needs, Tyler has consistently delivered high-impact solutions that drive business growth and customer satisfaction.