Modern Appsec Tools For Modern Appsec Challenges Next Gen Waf

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Application security is undergoing a broad transformation. From the way applications are architected, developed and deployed to the ever-evolving diversity and scale of the threats they face. Driving this transformation is the growing complexity of application portfolios, which are providing more engaging experiences for customers but are also housing increasingly more data. Simply put, legacy, rules-based web application firewalls (WAFs) like F5 and Imperva Incapsula are not equipped to keep pace with today’s dynamic application and threat environments. Security teams need the right tools and strategies built for these new realities. Enter, the next-gen WAF.

But whats so different about a next-gen WAF? Is it merely a buzzword? In this webcast, we will take a practical look at the next-gen WAF by showing how it differs from traditional WAFs and how it tackles some of the trickiest problems in AppSec today, including:

  • How to deliver highly accurate, real-time app protection without burdensome signatures or tuning
  • Incorporating attacker-centric techniques that match today’s threat landscape, including active interrogation and deception
  • Stopping bots and malicious automation
  • How to quickly and effectively extend security to APIs and microservice architectures
  • Building security that automatically mirrors the speed and scale of DevOps without losing control
  • Defending against website defacement attacks
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