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Live Q&A: How to Identify and Block Credential Stuffing Attacks


The group will discusses:

  • Patterns of a distributed botnet-based credential stuffing attack
  • Credential stuffing attack examples from the wild
  • How to identify botnet-based credential stuffing attacks
  • Introduction of ThreatX Labs; mission and goals
  • Discuss findings and insights recent research papers;
    • Anatomy of a Targeted Credential Stuffing Attack
    • Trends in Credential Stuffing and How to Identify It
  • Recommendations for blocking credential stuffing attacks 


Alex Gatz

Senior Security Researcher @ThreatX
Alex Gatz is a passionate security professional specializing in web/API security. He serves as a Senior Security Researcher at ThreatX, where he is responsible for researching and identifying similarities between attacks across all customers; designing, developing, and deploying attack detection automation services written in Rust; and researching novel web- and API-based attacks to proactively protect customers.


Javier Rivera

Senior Security Researcher @ThreatX




Jeremy Ventura

Director, Security Strategy, Field CISO @ThreatX
Jeremy Ventura is a cybersecurity professional, specializing in advising organizations on information security best practices. He has years of experience in vulnerability management, email security, incident response and security center operations. At ThreatX, he is responsible for the development and presentation of thought leadership across all areas of cybersecurity. Ventura is an industry leader that can regularly be seen in media, blog posts, podcasts and at speaking events. Previously, Ventura has worked at Gong, Mimecast, Tenable and IBM, among other security organizations. Ventura holds a Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity and Homeland Security.

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