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Live Q&A: Combat Credential Stuffing and Account Takeover

Learn how ThreatX experts combat advanced credential stuffing and ATO attempts



ThreatX security researchers break down common bot behavior, discuss how to identify account takeover attempts, and strategies to protect your sites from large scale DDoS attacks.

This interactive session covers the following topics: 

  • Bad bots are surging the Internet
  • Credential Stuffing & ATO behaviors
  • Benefits of a protection-first approach
  • Impact on Ecommerce, FinServ, and Media businesses

Hope to see you there!


Alex Gatz

Senior Security Researcher @ThreatX
Alex Gatz is a passionate security professional specializing in web/API security. He serves as a Senior Security Researcher at ThreatX, where he is responsible for researching and identifying similarities between attacks across all customers; designing, developing, and deploying attack detection automation services written in Rust; and researching novel web- and API-based attacks to proactively protect customers.

Sydney Coffaro

Product Manager @ThreatX
Sydney Coffaro is a certified Product Manager, Scrum Master, and has led technical sales initiatives for go-to customer teams that resulted in the acquisition of hundreds of customers. She is an experienced subject-matter expert focused on Cyber Security Automation, Incident Response, APIs, and Application Security with a demonstrated history of working in fast-paced early-stage startups.

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