How to Make Cybersecurity Effective, Practical, and Scalable

Panel Webinar

In our modern and highly-dynamic age of cybersecurity, every CISO and security team is inundated with hundreds of vendors and solutions to protect their applications, data and networks from increasingly advanced threats. Most seasoned security teams have implemented dozens of approaches and solutions, and evaluated many more, typically with less than favorable results.

It can be challenging to identify the right solution for your organization without a deep understanding of both your application environment and the trends and challenges presented by an ever-evolving threat landscape.

This webinar will explore how security leaders and their teams can sort through the noise to identify a modern solution that will allow them to effectively assess complex application vulnerabilities and keep up with the latest attack vectors.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn what the future of cybersecurity looks like with modern applications and the growing vulnerabilities that web, on-premises, cloud, API and microservice architectures create, and how to adapt
  • Understand the inherent protection gaps that both new application models and advanced attack approaches can create in your cybersecurity solutions
  • Hear our panelists give their Top Five criteria for assessing both tools and approaches to protect your organization’s assets
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