Essential Considerations for WAAP Success

The Future of Web App Security

As web applications, APIs and their threats have evolved, it’s no secret that traditional WAFs have struggled to keep pace. Increasingly seen as the answer to complex and bloated WAF architecture, Web Application & API Protection (WAAP) is currently the subject of much exploration and debate.

Contrary to popular belief, WAAP is not simply the next stage of WAF + API security, but a true evolution of modern application security. In this panel discussion, ThreatX’s Chief Product Officer, Tom Hickman, and ESG Senior Analyst John Grady are discussing why this is and sharing what a native, purpose-built WAAP solution can do for the digital-first business. From diving into how WAAP ‘done right’ can cover all deployments in hybrid and cloud architectures, to sharing how it can offer API-native protection that is also microservices and DevOps ready, join John and Tom to hear:

  • What defines a WAAP solution and what it offers that traditional WAFs don’t
  • How WAAPs make full use of automation and intelligence to protect businesses from all types of threats – including bots, malicious automation and new DDoS and Layer 7 attacks
  • How WAAP “done right” can protect against multi-faceted attacks that combine all these elements in one sophisticated attack
  • The business outcomes that pivoting to a native, purpose-built WAAP solution can produce
  • WAF war stories that expose why the future of app security lays in WAAPs
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