Beyond Signatures & Anomalies

Attacker-Centric Web Application Security

In today’s modern age of cybersecurity, web applications will face a myriad of cyber threats – from botnets to targeted attacks. All too often security teams must spend the majority of their time and energy tuning their WAF rules just trying to keep up. In addition to being inefficient, this approach typically only detects well-known “commodity” threats such as SQL injections or XSS attempts but fails to stop the more advanced and high-impact techniques.

Just as attack types are becoming more sophisticated, so too are the malicious actors behind them. It’s time to shift the focus away from trying to detect the ever-changing and near-infinite list of individual attacks, and instead, hone in on fundamental attacker behaviors. Why?

By monitoring attacker behavior and building attacker profiles, organizations can:

  • Prioritize the high-risk, high-impact threats
  • Track behaviors and proactively block malicious attackers long before they cause damage
  • Stop chasing down countless application anomalies and focus on the most malicious behaviors

In this webcast, we’ll discuss this attacker-centric phenomenon – How does it work? What should you expect from a WAF that has these capabilities? And more…

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