A Modern Enterprise Protection Platform for All Your APIs and Web Apps

A well protected layer 7 infrastructure is the key to empowering your business operations and your users’ experiences.

ThreatX delivers instant attack protection as a managed service, so you can save time and resources to put more cycles where they’ll matter.

Built to Protect Your Web Applications and APIs From ALL Threats

ThreatX’s attacker-centric approach against DDoS, bot-based attacks, API abuse, exploitations of vulnerabilities, zero-day attacks, and more provides unique, multi-layered detection capabilities to accurately identify malicious actors and respond. The ease of deploying ThreatX and the availability of our application security experts makes ThreatX the perfect blend of a product and a service to protect your web applications and APIs from today’s modern threat landscape.

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Approach + Methodology

Behavior analysis of attacker activity, active interrogation, and known techniques
90-day tracking of suspicious entities across your infrastructure
Correlation across all entity behaviors to assign a single risk rating
Automated blocking with confidence, without interruption to users

Why ThreatX Leads in API Protection

Single Risk Engine

ThreatX is the only solution built to offer API protection, bot mitigation, DDoS protection, and traditional WAF protection, with a single detection and correlation engine for all your web applications and APIs. We’ve never met an API or application we couldn’t protect.
Single Risk Engine Details

Managed Services

Extra security insight is provided through the ThreatX Managed Security Services offering. Skilled security professionals are on-call 24/7 to help with configuration, custom rule creation, and of course, threat hunting and 0-day mitigation.
Managed Security Services

Attacker-Centric Behavioral Analytics

ThreatX builds a dynamic and ongoing profile of every threat actor as they move through the threat lifecycle. Easily see who is attacking your applications and who poses the greatest risk.
Behavioral Analytics Details

Agentless Deployment

ThreatX is the most effective and easiest to use solution on the market. Our container-based reverse proxy is easy to deploy. Since no agent is required, customers quickly and easily protect first- and third-party web applications, on-prem or in the cloud.
Agentless Deployment