ThreatX is Managed API and Application Protection

Secure APIs and applications with confidence, not complexity

ThreatX block attacks in real time with API and application protection you can trust 24/7 (without having to manage it yourself).

  • Protect all your APIs and applications in one place with simple dashboards
  • Block botnets and advanced attacks in real time, without false positives
  • Get your nights and weekends back with protection-as-a-service

“With ThreatX, I’m in the console a lot, but not because I’m trying to troubleshoot and stop threats, I just like going in there and taking screenshots and showing them, ‘look at all the blocks.’”  

Information Security Analyst, Large Financial Services Organization

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Block attacks in real time with API and application protection you can trust 24/7 (without having to manage it yourself).

Product Features

One Solution, One Simple Dashboard

See all the threats against your all APIs and applications — in one place

Onboard sites in under 15 minutes, then easily see what’s going on. Go to one simple dashboard to see all the threats to your APIs and applications that ThreatX is watching or blocking. No need to consolidate data, or to move data to a separate blocking solution. 

Risk-Based Blocking in Real Time

Stop playing whack-a-mole trying to protect APIs and applications

Signature-based approaches are no match for today’s multi-vector, long-play attacks. Profiling attackers is the only way to stay ahead of advanced threats. The ThreatX platform is always monitoring, assessing and blocking attacks – automatically. It learns what threats to your system look like and stops them based on their risk level, so you can keep sites available and business humming. 


Stopping zero-day threats requires more than just software. You need real live people – but it doesn’t have to be you.

ThreatX is managed API and web app protection that means you’ll never stress about when the next attack is coming. You’ll know your APIs and applications are safe with risk-based, real-time protection – backed by experts who do the worrying for you. 

How it Works

Discover APIs

ThreatX discovers all your API traffic – anywhere, any status – with no extra work from you.

Detect Threats

The platform watches for attackers targeting APIs and applications to identify where they might find a way in.

Track Behaviors

It analyzes risk from every angle based on how each potential attacker interacts over time – not just in a single event.

Block With Confidence

ThreatX automatically blocks attackers right away based on their risk score – without false positives.