Comprehensive Web Application and API Protection

Stop paying for and managing multiple web application and API security solutionsProtect your API endpoints and web applications with attacker-centric behavioral analysis across any mix of public and private clouds.


Approach + Methodology

  • Attacker-centric behavior analysis – Identify and correlate attackers’ behavior across multiple attack vectors to more precisely identify and block threats. 
  • Comprehensive layer 7 protection – Deploy protection capabilities across APIs and web applications – through a single, integrated platform. 
  • Real-time attack prevention – Automatically identify and block real attacks and the riskiest threats targeting your applications and APIs in real time, without manual configuration.
  • Agentless deployment & managed services – ThreatX provides fully managed services to all customers, regardless of size and is deployed agentlessly so that you can minimize management and configuration tasks.

What Our Customers Are Saying

We had a site that was being targeted by a bot, attempting to log in with rotating usernames and passwords. However, this threat actor was crafting a properly formed interaction with the API. So, there was nothing malicious. It was using proper user agents and properly formed headers — nothing about it was out of the ordinary.ThreatX’s ability to recognize anomalies that indicate suspicious behavior is game-changing.”

Director of Information Security | Large Marketing Company

Within 72 hours, we implemented ThreatX and successfully moved into blocking mode with no production impact. That’s a major game-changer for us.”

Security Architect | Global Retail Organization

My team very much needed a standardized, best-in-class solution that could scale and work everywhere.”

Manager of Security Operations | Global Wine and Spirits Company

I never feel like I need to babysit the platform, it’s very rare that we get a false positive and in those cases where we do, the ThreatX SOC is highly responsive and works alongside our existing team.”

Security and Risk Manager | Medium Retail Organization

Solutions highlights

Single Risk Engine

ThreatX is the only solution built to offer traditional WAF protection, API security, BOT mitigation, and DDoS protection, with a single detection and correlation engine for all your web applications and APIs. We protect first- and third-party applications across public and private clouds.
Single Risk Engine

Managed Services

Extra security insight is provided through the ThreatX Managed Security Services offering. Skilled security professionals are on-call 24/7 to help with configuration, custom rule creation, and of course, threat hunting and 0-day mitigation.
Managed Security Services

Attacker-Centric Behavioral Analytics

ThreatX builds a dynamic and ongoing profile of every threat actor as they move through the threat lifecycle. Easily see who is attacking your applications and who poses the greatest risk.
Attacker Centric Analysis

Agentless Deployment

ThreatX is the most effective and easiest to use solution on the market. Our container based reverse proxy is easy to deploy. Since no agent is required, customers quickly and easily protect first- and third-party web applications, on-prem or in the cloud.
Agentless Deployment

Built to Protect Your Web Applications and APIs from ALL Threats

ThreatX’s attacker-centric approach against DDoS, Bot-based attacks, API abuse, exploitations of vulnerabilities, zero-day attacks, and more – provides unique, multi-layered detection capabilities to accurately identify malicious actors and respond. The ease of deploying ThreatX and the availability of our application security experts makes ThreatX the perfect blend of a product and a service to protect your web applications and APIs from today’s modern threat landscape.


“Their innovative way of handling next gen threats while still not proving to be a thorn in the flesh resulted in better acceptance for the app teams, and that in turn helped security team for an easier roll out of the SAAS offering.”

Gartner Peer Insights Reviewer

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