Joining the Front Lines of AppSec

PUBLISHED ON April 28, 2020
LAST UPDATED March 18, 2022

Hello. My name is Gene Fay and I am incredibly excited to join the ThreatX team as CEO. I’d like to take a few moments to introduce myself and talk briefly about why I joined ThreatX and my vision for its future. 

First, as an experienced cybersecurity leader, I can say without hesitation that ThreatX is tackling one of the most critical security and business challenges organizations face today. Virtually every enterprise is in the midst of a digital transformation and migrating to the cloud. Apps and APIs are the defining technologies on the front lines. Strong, reliable, and efficient security at the application level is more mission-critical than it has ever been.  

Having been a part of four security startups in my career, I’ve seen firsthand the challenges that companies face in the battle to defend their apps and APIs from a new breed of threats. I’ve also seen how security teams can become overwhelmed and how traditional WAFs can often be too difficult to manage, rendering them ultimately ineffective. A case in point: a WAF misconfiguration was found to be behind the massive breach at a major financial institution.  

I believe  ThreatX is poised to redefine how businesses meet these challenges going forward and I am proud to be a part of that journey. The company has distinguished itself in terms of its core technology and innovation. In a security industry that is often defined by one-trick ponies, ThreatX has built a platform that brings together an ensemble of the most cutting-edge detection and prevention technologies available today that all work together to give a single actionable diagnosis and mitigation of a threat. The result is a new approach to app security that is cloud and API native, addresses a broad spectrum of threats across all phases of attack, and makes protection decisions in terms of business risk. 

Just as important to me, ThreatX has had and will continue to have a culture that puts the success of our customers first. We see ourselves as partners in our customers’ success. This means understanding each customer’s unique needs and challenges and prioritizing application uptime and availability in the same way that we prioritize security. And while it’s easy for an organization to claim that it puts customers first, at ThreatX we deliver on it every day. Our AppSec-as-a-Service (ASaaS) approach ensures that all customers have “on tap” access to the talent, expertise, and operational firepower they need at any given time to meet virtually any type of AppSec challenge. 

The opportunity to–once again–build something that is lasting and impactful is one of my biggest career motivators. I feel privileged to join ThreatX as CEO and look forward to our journey together. Please feel to reach out – my door is always open, and I would love to hear from our customers (current & future), and our partners. 

About the Author

Gene Fay

Gene has extensive experience building high-impact teams at early-stage startups in storage, virtualization, and cybersecurity. He has specific expertise in go-to-market strategies, marketing, customer success, and channel development. Gene holds an MBA from Northeastern University, where he guest lectures on topics such as product management, marketing, and sales.