How ThreatX Is Protecting Organizations From Attacks, and From Working Weekends

PUBLISHED ON February 3, 2023
LAST UPDATED July 5, 2023

We’re wrapping up our fiscal year here at ThreatX — always a great time to reflect on progress and opportunities. Recently, I had the opportunity to do this reflecting in a more formal way when I recorded a podcast with Jonathan Lejuez of investment bank D.A. Davidson. Explaining API and web app security and ThreatX to a business audience forced me to take a step back and think about the bigger picture of our business and our market, and where both are headed.  

Jonathan and I talked about why API security took center stage in 2022. Case in point — the recent T-Mobile breach, which clearly highlighted that the rapid proliferation of APIs has surpassed security’s ability to protect them. These “building blocks” of modern web applications are both powerful enablers of communication and information sharing, but also bring significant risk. Organizations often don’t know how many APIs they have or how they’re used. Also, by their very nature, APIs expose application logic and sensitive data, and nothing is stopping attackers from exploiting them.  

In this podcast, I also talked to Jonathan about ThreatX and our unique take on this problem and how to address it. The ThreatX platform is both the only solution that can identify and block API and web app attacks in real time, and a significant time and resource saver for security teams. With 15-minute setup, minimal tuning, plus our team of security experts that monitor and respond to threats so our customers don’t have to, we’ve heard our platform called “life changing” several times. One of our customers, an IT director at a credit union, told us that ThreatX’s protection as a service allowed her to truly celebrate holidays with her family for the first time in years.  

Protecting organizations from cyberattacks while also easing the burden on security professionals was a founding principle of our company, and we are thrilled to see our solution making a real impact for organizations and the teams tasked with protecting them. 

We’re proud of the work we did this fiscal year to help organizations understand and tackle this problem, and are excited to expand and enhance our capabilities in this space in the coming months.  

Check out the Davidson & Co. podcast for a quick but thorough snapshot of the API security market and ThreatX’s place in it. 



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