Credential Stuffing, DDoS Attacks, Bots, and More Create a Formidable Iceberg of Risk

PUBLISHED ON November 15, 2021
LAST UPDATED March 18, 2022

Sometimes you see a threat coming and have time to prepare – like a forecasted hurricane. Sometimes the threat comes out of nowhere and catches you off guard – like the Titanic’s encounter with an iceberg. The modern cybersecurity threat landscape is less like the storm you see coming and more like several pieces of ice that accumulate below the surface. Out of sight and out of mind, but ready to deliver chaos to your day.  

In the not-so-distant past, the threat landscape looked like the tip of the iceberg. Attacks usually arrived with known signatures – you knew how to defend against them and saw them coming. But now there are a multitude of attack types working together below the waterline – morphing together over time to create a Titanic-sized problem. Credential stuffing, DDoS attacks, malicious bots, and more combine with evasion techniques to keep you and your defenses guessing and off kilter. Defending against only one of these attack types leaves you vulnerable to the others. The only way to address this modern threat landscape is to focus on the attackERs and their behavior rather than the attack.  

Learn more about the new threat landscape, the types of attacks and tactics attackers now employ, and why legacy security solutions are struggling to keep up with it all. Read our new guide What Lies Beneath: What You Need to Know About the Modern Threat Landscape.  


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Suzanne Ciccone

An experienced content strategist and writer, Suzanne has been researching and developing content on cybersecurity challenges and solutions for many years. At ThreatX, she’s working to shed light on the modern cyberthreat landscape and the best ways to defend against it.