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WAAP Protection from Vulnerabilities, Bots, DDoS and more + 24/7 AppSec Expertise On Tap

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Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) + 24/7 AppSec Expertise

How It Works


Quick & Easy Deployment

Deployment is fast with cloud-native, on-prem, or hybrid options. Deploy on your own cloud or on your provider's (AWS, Azure, etc.). Start blocking attacks within hours of install.


ID & Profile Threats

IP fingerprinting, and application and attack profiling continually combine and correlate to identify, track and assess threat actors.


Neutralize Threats

Based on attacker profiling, detect and neutralize layer 7 attacks, OWASP Top 10, bots, DDoS, and zero-day threats with high precision.


Analyze & Optimize

Collective cyber threat intelligence combines with our AppSec-as-a-Service (ASaaS) for 24/7 proactive monitoring and response.

Right-Time Protection

Unlike traditional WAF solutions that rely on signatures, static rules and single attack visibility, ThreatX builds a dynamic profile of every threat actor as they move through the threat lifecycle. ThreatX easily monitors bots and high-risk attackers to predict and prevent layer 7 application attacks, including top 10 OWASP, zero-day threats, Bots and DDoS attacks.

Why ThreatX?

High Efficacy Protection

Manage Security Risks of Application Environments

Expanding application footprints and increasingly complex attacks have made modern AppSec more challenging. Put your trust in a solution that provides coverage where you need it most...everywhere.

Your AppSec Partner

24/7 Security Expertise. On Tap. Here when You Need Us.

Finding it difficult to find (and keep) staff with AppSec expertise? Our AppSec experts are ready to help. From deployment to management to ongoing optimization. Use us as much or a little as you'd like.

Keeps Pace with DevOps

Flexible, Agile Deployment

With cloud-native,container-based deployment options, you can protect ALL web, cloud, and legacy apps quickly, including your ancillary websites, which often become easy targets.

“We don’t have to specify the conditions or rules...…”

A behavior-based approach to security was very compelling for us. Threat interactions are monitored, and ThreatX enables us to automatically identify and block potentially malicious and suspicious cyber behavior. We don't have to specify the conditions or rules like we would in any other WAF, because the ThreatX solution continuously learns from what it observes.
Joel Bruesch, Senior Director of Information Security, BMC Software


WAF Dashboard

Attacker-Centric Threat Detection

ThreatX tracks and models user activity to identify malicious behavior, delivering consistently high true positives and true negatives. Legacy and traditional WAFs analyze individual requests, resulting in a far greater number of false positives.

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Risk-Based App Protection

ThreatX tracks user risk factors with every action taken. Risk levels change based on the number of requests sent, the intensity of the requests, among other factors. Entities are blocked when risk scores reach a threshold that indicates malicious intent or action.

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Hybrid Cloud Protection
DDoS Protection

Deep Attack Visibility

ThreatX delivers deep visibility into attack classifications and details, giving enterprises the necessary telemetry and insights needed to validate attacks and incident response, as well as gauge security risk.

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Holistic App & Attack Protection

ThreatX provides protection for all your applications and APIs against OWASP Top 10, automated Bots, application DDoS, and volumetric DDoS. You can confidently rely on a single solution to reduce TCO and simplify your security operations.

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Cyber threat intelligence WAF dashboard

Ubiquitous & Cloud-Native Deployment

ThreatX supports any type of enterprise deployments--public cloud, private cloud, container-based, or on-prem .... anywhere in the world. And because it's cloud-native, it auto-scales as your applications grow so you never miss a beat.

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