Next-Gen WAF

for Modern Application Technology & Environments

Our founders were tired of having to make costly tradeoffs with legacy WAFs between operating in blocking mode and avoiding false positives. ThreatX was developed out of this frustration. Our “progressive behavior profiling” approach provides a holistic view of threats, a clear understanding of risk, and reduces the false positives and operational burden associated with legacy WAFs.

See how you can:

  • Confidently operate in active blocking mode
  • Rapidly deploy our cloud-native WAF to secure your entire portfolio of applications
  • ID in real-time and with high accuracy, the modern threats and vulnerabilities within your app portfolio
  • Greatly reduce costly false positives with context-based blocking decisions that use application and attacker behavioral-analysis
  • Reduce operational burden by eliminating rule and signature maintenance associated with legacy WAFs

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“…ThreatX’s unique ‘kill-chain’ based approach immediately reduced our false positives, allowing us to move to blocking mode in days versus the several weeks required by our prior WAF solution.” - VP Ops & Infrastructure, Global healthcare and data automation company