Marks The Spot


Security teams are wrestling with multiple technologies, high operational costs, frequent tuning, a large volume of attacks, and limited intelligence from current tools. ThreatX was founded due to experience with the same frustrations and challenges security teams are still experiencing today. ThreatX is now successfully addressing these problems for security teams in various industries.

See ThreatX’s behavioral-based approach to web application and API security during a live product demo. You will learn:

  • Why current rule-based approaches are leaving you vulnerable to critical attacks
  • The differences and power of an attacker-centric approach, including progressive risk profiling and deception techniques
  • How to use a modified cyber kill-chain to more accurately classify and monitor suspicious behaviors and associated risk
  • Benefits of collective threat intelligence and container-based architecture for overburdened security teams


Mark Priester | Systems Engineer

As a Systems Engineer at ThreatX, Mark is dedicated to helping global customers enhance their web application protection strategy and reduce risk. Mark has dedicated his career to understanding and enhancing enterprise security. He brings decades of experience to this interactive demo.


We are in the process of scheduling our upcoming demos. In the meantime, watch an on-demand recording of our technical demo here.