Looking for a Cloudflare WAF alternative?

Imagine having security support that’s actually eager to get back to you, or attack detection that catches today’s sophisticated actors. ThreatX is built to be a practical solution for today’s web application and API security needs.

ThreatX gives you more coverage, fewer false positives, and less hassle by:

  • True next-generation WAF covering all types of threats, including OWASP Top 10, bots, API attacks, and DDoS .
  • Unmatched depth of detection to find and blocksophisticated, evasive, and targeted attacks that evolve over time.
  • On-demand 24×7 SOC and services included as part of the solution to solve any application security challenge.
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Instead of False Positives

ThreatX Gives you Simple, Accurate Detection

Automatically corroborate events from multiple perspectives to blend behavioral analysis, attacker profiling, and active interrogation.

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Instead of Too Many Events

ThreatX Gives You Actionable, Risk-Based Narrative

Automatically see all events related to an attack or attacking entity. See progression of risk over time and across phases of attack.

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Instead of Too Many Modules

ThreatX Gives You a Single, Unified Risk Engine

All detection techniques work together automatically. No need to buy, configure, and maintain multiple modules or tools.

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Instead of Being Too Time Consuming

ThreatX Gives You Simple Operations with Services On Demand

ThreatX deploys in seconds to cover any app or API and removes the need to constantly tune signatures and rules. Our 24×7 SOC is available both as a fully managed service or to complement your existing team and operations.

ThreatX Managed Security Services Details