Implementing Behavioral Analysis and Attacker Deception for High-Confidence AppSec

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Modern AppSec is driven by hard metrics and results. Teams need to secure a larger application footprint, address a higher volume of threats, reduce open cases, and virtually eliminate false positives, and they must do it with limited time and inadequate resources.

The expectations and threats against security teams are “next-gen,” but the tools with which they’re asked to respond are not.

In Part I of this series, Strengthen your web app defenses using behavioral analysis and attacker deception, we dove into the various behavioral analysis and attacker deception approaches that make for truly next-gen AppSec, and the benefits of each. In this webcast, we will share how to quickly and successfully implement solutions that leverage behavioral analytics and attacker deception.

We also show examples of how each detection strategy can be used in real-world scenarios to drive blocking decisions that are accurate, scalable, and measurable.

Topics include:

  • Using behavioral analysis to detect threats early in the kill chain
  • The act and benefits of engaging attackers in deception techniques
  • Using decision engines to reduce both false positives and caseloads
  • Implementing these techniques in your AppSec strategy