Fundamentally Different Approach to Web Application Protection

Web App Protection Datasheet


73% of organizations surveyed utilize a WAF, yet 80% of them were compromised*

The complexity of modern, hybrid cloud and heterogeneous technology environments combined with an ever-evolving threat landscape creates a large and dynamic attack surface for almost any organization. Furthermore, “next-gen” rule, signature, and anomaly detection-based web application firewall (WAF) solutions are missing the most critical, high- impact attacks because they lack contextual information on the attacker itself. As a result, security teams are armed with limited intelligence from their current tools to address an increasing volume of sophisticated attacks.

Attacker-Centric Web Application Security Addresses These Gaps

Instead of focusing solely on the applications themselves, attacker-centric web application security focuses on the attacker. The results are…

  • Precise detection and neutralization of even the most sophisticated, high-impact attacks (SQLi, XSS, OWASP)
  • Comprehensive and accurate views into risk and vulnerability levels
  • Significantly lower operational burden and cost

The ThreatX WAF spearheaded this model and has transformed web application protection with a highly effective and accurate threat mitigation solution that reduces false positives without the constant tuning of rules and signatures.

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