Exposed & At Risk

Webinar with SC Magazine & Frost & Sullivan

While web and legacy apps, APIs, and microservices are now common and essential components of any digital business, their ever-increasing complexity also creates vast attack surfaces and prime targets for malicious threats. In fact, according to a recent survey conducted by Ponemon, 80% of organizations stated their web apps were compromised ‘sometimes’ or ‘frequently.’ This figure is shockingly high, considering 73% of those organizations were utilizing a web application firewall (WAF). So where is the disconnect?

In this on-demand webinar, Michael Suby, Vice President of Research at Stratecast Frost & Sullivan, and Bret Settle, CEO and Founder of ThreatX, discuss the power of combining proven web application security approaches and modern WAF technologies to address the rapidly evolving security needs of hybrid cloud environments.

Register to learn:

  1. Why both the drivers and types of web application attacks are rapidly evolving
  2. What threats you ARE missing with your current approach to web application security
  3. Why it’s critically important that your WAF solution protects ALL your web applications
  4. Why security technology and human expertise/intervention are powerful partners