BMC Case Study

BMC Software Uses ThreatX to Protect its Portfolio of Apps & Websites Across a Multi-Cloud Environment

BMC case study

BMC Software helps over 10,000 customers with hundreds of software products to help solve complex IT problems. These products are increasingly being offered as Software-as-a-Service delivered from numerous cloud hosting services, which means that nearly every customer has a web presence into various BMC software solutions.


With some of the largest enterprises in the world running mission-critical applications on their cloud services, a top priority is to ensure that these web applications and services are protected from external threats and attacks. Historically, they struggled to:

  1. Support a multi-cloud initiative for BMC’s high-volume applications
  2. Protect the brand and sensitive information by securing external facing applications and API integrations
  3. Support rapid deployment and validation of WAF configurations with minimal application downtime

“My team very much needed a standardized, best-in-class solution that could scale and work everywhere.” - Joel Bruesch, Senior Director of Information Security at BMC


BMC was attracted to the ThreatX SaaS-based Web Application Firewall for its threat monitoring and ability to automatically identify and block malicious and suspicious behavior in a multi-cloud world.

After a PoC of the ThreatX WAF, the ThreatX engineers worked closely with the BMC Security Operations Center (SOC) team to configure the solution. They still work together on a weekly basis.

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