WAAP Built to Minimize
Fine Tuning

Go beyond signatures with attacker-centric detection engineered to protect all your web applications & APIs with WAF, API Protection, bot management, and DDoS protection


Why ThreatX is different

Full Security Context In Every Decision

ThreatX brings together all the industry’s best detection methods into a single risk engine to deliver simple, high-confidence results. Fewer alerts, more answers.

Attacker-Centric Security

Automated behavioral analysis, tracking, and active interrogation of attackers. Every behavior and event is correlated over time in attack context.

Talent on Tap

Our SOC team is your SOC team. Get access to industry experts when you need them and accelerate security operations while unburdening your team.

“Their innovative way of handling next gen threats while still not proving to be a thorn in the flesh resulted in better acceptance for the app teams, and that in turn helped security team for an easier roll out of the SAAS offering.”

Gartner Peer Insights Reviewer

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